A little over a year ago I met a friend through a friend at a random event, and this turned out to be one of the greatest blessings to grace my life. Chantelle became a well of wisdom and inspiration to me. She picked me up each time I phoned her with a broken heart and she spoiled me with delicious tofu sundays.

She also helped me with the lifestyle adjustment when I decided to become a vegetarian. Besides being an awesome academic, a yoga instructor, a composer, an artist and a rocking role model she also advocates a vegan lifestyle. (She authors the recipes I include in my links.) Chantelle recently moved to Cape Town to partner a beautiful vegan restaurant, Closer.

When she left I gave her the “give peace a chance” T-shirt she’s wearing in the photos as a going-away present. These shirts make great gifts, they are available at PQ outlets for only R20! I reckon that’s money very well spent!