I first saw this experiment in the film What The Bleep Do We Know, and out of all the information they give you (and they give you a lot) this stuck with me the most. So much so that I started sticking all sort of labels on my water bottles at home.

If you’re interested you can read all about the specifics of the experiment here on the official website. Although I was very inspired my philosophical inclinations insist that I should be skeptical. So I must concede that there are doubts about the authenticity and validity of Dr. Emoto’s experiments. And lucky for me someone has already written a sound paper outlining the skeptic’s claims. Which you can read here.

I must confess however that I did not read that entire essay, and instead consciously decided to believe the experiment has merit. I like thinking that loving my water will cause it to form pretty patterns and love me back. I also like the further premise that our bodies are mostly water and loving our bodies can really alter our molecules. It’s a pleasant concept which I believe only encourages peace and love – towards nature and ourselves.