This year, for the first time, I didn’t spend my birthday with my parents. I stayed home with my boyfriend, I’ve also had some health problems lately, that caused me to cancel my original big celebration plans. The outcome of the day was uncertain to say the least.

But boy, did he deliver! He served me breakfast in bed, after waking me up with my gift, which is the beautiful camera bag that’s slung around me in the photo. (I’m a horrible, horrible morning person, if you wake me up before nine, on any day, you better be bearing breakfast or gifts.) There after we went for a drive through town looking for cool places to take photos. We ended up at Safari’s, which is a nursery/function venue/student hangout. I was amazed, the place could be a theme park, the nursery is huge and the installations and exhibitions are magical. I almost felt like Indiana Jones in the deep jungle. (There is even a crashed vintage airplane in the tropical plants area! Which added to the entire Indie-vibe.)

We went home to have a swim, it was an unusually hot day, about 36 degrees. And relaxed on the lawn with a lunch of toasted smoked chicken sandwiches that Willem made with love. Finally we just sank into bed and watched movies together.

I always feel guilty when I admit that my birthday is my favorite day of the year, but if one looks at the people I am fortunate to have in my life, it is no surprise. I even received birthday blessings from Malaysia! Thank you to all my old friends, new friends, and family for making me feel so special!