A colleague of mine wrote this on our board in the office last year. Although I by no means see myself as a capitalist, I’m starting to understand the quote more and more as each day passes.

I have been on holiday since the 23rd of November! Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fun, but I am itching to get back to work. One of the advantages of tutoring at the varsity is I can enjoy the academic breaks along with the students. One of the disadvantages however is that I work on contract and my contract only ranges from February to November, in other words, those are the only months I receive a salary. Makes for a cheap Christmas…but luckily I love my job so it’s a small price to pay. I feel at home at work; everyone gets along like family and as well as being colleagues we are all still post-grad students so we constantly challenge each other and ourselves. The environment is never stagnant, if there aren’t students who need help, there is always a conference to write a paper for, or personal studies to catch up on. I miss the stimulating and encouraging atmosphere…

I’m not nearly as motivated at home. It sucks but after a month of no work the couch potato in me takes over. I lounge around, read only fiction, doodle never draw and sleep till past noon everyday. What will become of me, will I whither away or merge with my unmade bed? I only register on the 12th of February! It feels like ages. I’m running out of things to keep me busy with and I’m so excited about my course work, I feel I might burst if time passes any slower!