“Our critique began as all critiques begin: with doubt. Doubt became our narrative. Ours was a quest for a new story, our own. And we grasp toward this new history driven by the suspicion…that ordinary language couldn’t tell it.

Our past appeared frozen in the distance, and our every gesture and accent…signified the negation of the old world and the reach for a new one. The way we lived created a new situation, one of exuberance and friendship, that of a subversive microsociety…in the heart of a society which ignored it.

Art was not the goal but the occasion and the method…for locating our specific rhythm…and buried possibilities of our time. The discovery of a true communication was what it was about, or at least the quest for such a communication. The adventure of finding it and losing it.

We the unappeased, the unaccepting continued looking, filling in the silences with our own wishes, fears and fantasies. Driven forward by the fact that no matter how empty the world seemed, no matter how degraded and used up the world appeared to us, we knew that anything was still possible. And, given the right circumstances, a new world was just as likely as an old one.”

– Waking Life, To begin again, from the beginning, Noise and Silence.

This post is to correct an error in: Under the circumstances, that I published on the first of September. I posted a quote I scribbled down while watching the movie, and I heard wrong, the true line is: “And, given the right circumstances, a new world was just as likely as an old one.” But when I read the extract I thought it worth sharing. Although I still feel my version is fitting, especially on spring day.