An Illustration of Mine from 2010

This is the collection of my unlikely adventures and the tools I discover, make and appropriate to aid and entertain me on my imaginary quests.  I often think I bore my friends to death with my show and tell attitude, getting fantastically excited about the smallest things. So I created this space to act as my oddities jar, the kind of special jar you keep your pet snails in as a child and then replace with assorted tokens of all sorts of memories as you grow up.

As far as a bio goes; I am 23 and live in a little garden cottage in Pretoria, South Africa, in a street lined with purple Jacarandas.  I share my space with my beautiful black cat, Sabbath. I finished my BA degree in 2010 and I majored in Philosophy, English literature and Visual communication.  I also tutor in Philosophy at my university and hold a second job as an administrator.   Since I really love being a student as well as working with them I’m continuing with my Honours degree in Philosophy. Another interest I actively explore is design and art, and in my spare time I work on teaching myself design software.

Finally, I would like to add a disclaimer and warning. I discuss adult topics which might not be suitable for sensitive readers. I would never be purposefully rude or lewd, but if you consider yourself a Christian, or even deeply convinced in any religious dogma, I am most likely to offend you, since I strongly disagree with the concepts that are perpetuated through religious doctrines. I am always open for conversation and debate but have no tolerance for ignorance or obtuseness. I would ideally steer clear of labels, but even the most diplomatic individual would label me an enthusiastic atheist. And I’m comfortable with that.

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