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I tend to limit myself, and more dangerously so, to convince myself that I do so for my own safety. When in truth I just like my comfort zones, I can pass an entire weekend on my bed behind my laptop with no complaint. But it’s not healthy. It is absolutely necessary to leave your room or desk to have an adventure! And working is no excuse, Nietzsche said; “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” Go find inspiration.

I’ve missed out on a lot because I was busy, scared, intimidated, lazy, or disinterested. And I’ve learnt this lesson before, but it’s easy to slip back into old habits, so I keep reminding myself. It’s not the outside that’s icky it’s my perception that’s skewed.

We went to watch The B(l)and rehearse last week Friday, I expected a few guys drinking on amps. But when we pulled up to the very suburban house I could hear the music playing from the street. It could not have been more rock ‘n roll, they practiced in an empty double garage that faced the open road. The door seemed to open to a world of glowy warmth, I thought of Scott Pilgrim vs. The world. I knew they were good so I ain’t gonna lie and say I was surprised, but, I got very excited when they started playing a cover of Florence and The Machine’s Cosmic Love. Can’t wait for them to finish and start performing! The band consists of two brothers, a cousin and a good friend. They are possibly the funniest guys you will ever meet. I was also fortunate enough to party with them when we went to see the incredible LARK, at Arcade Empire on Thursday. I had to walk away from the conversation on many an occasion just to keep from wetting myself.

“Our critique began as all critiques begin: with doubt. Doubt became our narrative. Ours was a quest for a new story, our own. And we grasp toward this new history driven by the suspicion…that ordinary language couldn’t tell it.

Our past appeared frozen in the distance, and our every gesture and accent…signified the negation of the old world and the reach for a new one. The way we lived created a new situation, one of exuberance and friendship, that of a subversive microsociety…in the heart of a society which ignored it.

Art was not the goal but the occasion and the method…for locating our specific rhythm…and buried possibilities of our time. The discovery of a true communication was what it was about, or at least the quest for such a communication. The adventure of finding it and losing it.

We the unappeased, the unaccepting continued looking, filling in the silences with our own wishes, fears and fantasies. Driven forward by the fact that no matter how empty the world seemed, no matter how degraded and used up the world appeared to us, we knew that anything was still possible. And, given the right circumstances, a new world was just as likely as an old one.”

– Waking Life, To begin again, from the beginning, Noise and Silence.

This post is to correct an error in: Under the circumstances, that I published on the first of September. I posted a quote I scribbled down while watching the movie, and I heard wrong, the true line is: “And, given the right circumstances, a new world was just as likely as an old one.” But when I read the extract I thought it worth sharing. Although I still feel my version is fitting, especially on spring day.

Thanks to the Jones’s for our latest adventure. The Burlesque show was an experience that I wouldn’t have shared with anyone else but the five people around my table. Many adventures still await the six of us! We love you guys.

I attended my first Oppikoppi this August, well; it was my very first music festival ever. I’m not comfortable in crowds and usually my friends struggle to get me out to a bar, the thought of 16 000 enthusiasts scared me witless. So much so that on Friday when everyone really started arriving, I didn’t want to leave our campsite at all. I ventured into the stage grounds on Saturday out of necessity; it’s where they kept the food. We didn’t have a good night’s sleep, I was moody and emotional. I clung to Willem’s arm and stared at the ground as we negotiated our way through hundreds of bodies. I was starting to regret the entire trip. We had to find a place to eat and I was feeling neurotic, maybe it was this tingle of panic that drove me up the koppie (large hill, or small mountain in English) in search of an isolated spot.

From here the entire festival looked different. I had risen above the dust cloud and saw the beauty of it all. Suddenly it didn’t feel so intimidating or threatening, it felt…like an unknown brother. The designer who came up with the concept for this year’s festival is a genius. It captured the entire spirit of the event.

So I started to explore with more confidence. And right behind me at the Red Bull stage on the other side of the koppie I found something that changed my life. I have never been a fan of electronic music, and ignored the entire genre. However, we decided to hang out at the electro stage, since it wasn’t as busy as the other stages and I was still finding my feet. Then Sibot took the stage and this happened:

I was hypnotized. The bodies in the audience became slaves to the music and moved in ways I’ve never seen before, they were fascinating! I walked away 4 hours later an evangelical electro convert; I couldn’t shut up about what I had experienced. I woke friends up to tell them all about it, I used every adjective imaginable. I started to look around at the people around me. They were freaks, absolutely, colourful insane hippies and extroverts who were not only endlessly amusing but incredibly sincere.

So I started taking photos, joining in and making conversation and before I knew it I was in the middle of a sea of people enjoying and loving the bands along with the beautiful lunatics. The best show I watched was Lark, an alternative South African band. I fell in love with the vocalist, Inge Beckman, a gorgeous woman with an epic voice. The worst show was Die Antwoord, creepy…and I’m sure they were very very high, too high to perform. The acts I regret missing most are Mr Cat and The Jackal (who apparently performed with huge puppets) and Double Adapter (another electro stage act that no one could stop talking about). I missed the main international act (Sum41) as well, but I don’t regret that at all; I was at Yesterday’s Pupil, an excellent local DJ.

Next to the main stage the clever designers put up some quotes on a huge banner, one of which was this extract by Yeats:

“The Seventeenth Coming”
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The dust-dimmed cloud is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned,
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity
But they try, Oh yes sir they do.
– Unknown, B. Yeats, 1920

So I ended up literally having the time of my life. It was something like Woodstock in Mad Max land. It’s dirty and dry, too hot during the day and too cold at night, filled with drunks and drugs, fuelled on laughter and love, and I can’t wait until next year.

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This year, for the first time, I didn’t spend my birthday with my parents. I stayed home with my boyfriend, I’ve also had some health problems lately, that caused me to cancel my original big celebration plans. The outcome of the day was uncertain to say the least.

But boy, did he deliver! He served me breakfast in bed, after waking me up with my gift, which is the beautiful camera bag that’s slung around me in the photo. (I’m a horrible, horrible morning person, if you wake me up before nine, on any day, you better be bearing breakfast or gifts.) There after we went for a drive through town looking for cool places to take photos. We ended up at Safari’s, which is a nursery/function venue/student hangout. I was amazed, the place could be a theme park, the nursery is huge and the installations and exhibitions are magical. I almost felt like Indiana Jones in the deep jungle. (There is even a crashed vintage airplane in the tropical plants area! Which added to the entire Indie-vibe.)

We went home to have a swim, it was an unusually hot day, about 36 degrees. And relaxed on the lawn with a lunch of toasted smoked chicken sandwiches that Willem made with love. Finally we just sank into bed and watched movies together.

I always feel guilty when I admit that my birthday is my favorite day of the year, but if one looks at the people I am fortunate to have in my life, it is no surprise. I even received birthday blessings from Malaysia! Thank you to all my old friends, new friends, and family for making me feel so special!

I took this photo from the balcony of Capitol Theatre in the heart of Pretoria city. With a little imagination it can seem just as romantic as a Parisian view. Capitol Theatre itself is an extraordinary and special place. A condemned movie theatre from the 30’s which despite its derelict state remains grand and impressive. (Amazingly the original foyer is still available for hire as a function venue.)

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