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Kareena is a Sydney born, London based artist, designer and self-confessed daydreamer who collects fine bone china tea sets, but prefers to drink coffee.”


By Catia Chien.

Camilla Engman

A continuation of yesterday’s post celebrating spring and the artist Kristiana Parn.

Wood panels from the fantastic Brandi Milne. Her website has a very large gallery to browse through. And if you go through enough you’ll start to construct stories and mythologies for her fluid and vibrant worlds and characters. (Well, I did.) Her blog also showcases inspiring photos as well as illustrations.

By Catia Chien.

These works by Mark Gmehling just tickle me.

Found an inspiring artist amongst the wordpress blogs, Making Strangers, by Heidi Burton. She makes these beautiful journals, I badly want to add one to my collection.

The illustrator, photographer and designer, Tabitha Emma, offers free monthly desktop designs. She also authors a very pretty blog that she keeps stocked with inspiring images and interesting sites. View her full portfolio here.

Here are some of her previous desktop designs:

Jessica Swift is an inspiring illustrator, pattern designer, blogger, portrait artist, and animator. Above I have posted some of her paintings, but her website boasts large galleries full of gorgeous images. Gorgeous images which she also makes into gorgeous products, pretty little notebooks and printable pdf kits. Which are available for purchase at her online shop or at etsy.

I also follow her on twitter and enjoy her bright outlook and creative philosophy.

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