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I had to go to the doctor today. I really hate going to the doctor. But I felt like nothing could get me down after watching today’s Google animation in honor of Martha Graham.
It’s excellent!

I believe that adventures are the wellspring of inspiration and with the right perspective anything can become something new and exciting.

This super dose of awesome inspiration is from Keri Smith’s website. After visiting her site and reading her post on How to be a Guerilla Artist I was so charged I immediately threw some pastel colored chalk into my handbag.

Another fantastically nifty resource available from the site is a printable Artist’s Survival Kit.

Fairy lights bring me such happiness in my everyday life, I was even planning on writing an entire post on the many little ways in which they make a simple day sparkle. Although I accept that I am easily delighted, they really do lend a special atmosphere to any space.

However my boyfriend showed me a website this afternoon with a product that manages to surpass the humble and versatile fairy light. These amazing new lights replicate the movement of fire flies! What really sets them apart though is that they are solar powered!
Add them to your wish list:

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