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By Krista Palmu. Her blog, JoyHey, has photos, designs and interviews with inspirational people. Visit her official site here.

Illustrations from Ba-roke, by Caroline Roosevelt

I especially relate to I think I secretly hate my cat (since we’ve had to keep her indoors 24/7).

Art Wall is a virtual art showcase, an online display page and market place. I really enjoy the interface, which is laid out in rooms and designed by Jessica Swift, one of my favorite bloggers.

A few random confessions from PostSecret, the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world.

I fell in love with Smile and wave, a blog filled with pretty things and useful ideas.

Some of Rachel Denbow‘s photos and illustrations.

From Skunkboy Creatures, creative and inspiring site.

Found an inspiring artist amongst the wordpress blogs, Making Strangers, by Heidi Burton. She makes these beautiful journals, I badly want to add one to my collection.

Despite being an over-all pretty and inspiring site, A Creative Mint, has an added browsing bonus which I love, Posts by Color.





These are all from Smitten Blog Designs. Excellent blogging resource! And the names are so pretty, twinkled, indian summer, sweet water…

I’m still in love with the color blue, and while browsing I came across this excellent blog: House of Turquoise. The entire blog is committed to collecting inspiring pictures all about the color turquoise. I got lost for hours.

Here are some inspiring images I like:

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