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I used to cringe when I read blog posts where the author apologized for neglecting his/her blog. “It’s your responsibility to keep your blog updated! How dare you make the space and then not take the time to maintain it!” I thought arrogantly… Then I graduated my Honors degree and had to start working full-time, and my dedication slowly waned. So, yeah… I’m sorry…

None the less I have been very busy with incredibly exciting projects. InfinityCoZa has been my main focus, I redesigned the homepage and have received some fantastic feedback. Which inspired me to design some random stuff for the quick-growing brand.

I did some Hipster Guides, and loved it. There will be more coming soon, since the response has been so surprising, people really responded to these. Like Infinity’s Facebook page, or follow us on twitter, for updates.

I also made a “How To Make Friends” poster:

I’m full of ideas for guides like these… Soooo many projects… So little time… *sigh* But I did get to some graphic event reviews which you can find on the Facebook page if you’re interested. We’ll also be running competitions shortly, and publishing our adventure recommendations. I told you it was exciting stuff!

Then I’ve also started to work on my website which will showcase my new blog, my illustration and design portfolios. It will launch on hopefully before the end of the year, but you’ll be the first to know when it does 🙂

It was nice writing again. Good for the heart, you know? I’ll post again soon.

I was awarded this lovely badge by olletron who authors Detrimentally Disgusted. Thank you, you friggin’ cupcake you! For poking your head in my jar and even leaving something behind every now and then.

I believe it is protocol to reveal seven things about myself next:

1. I live an unhealthy lifestyle.

2. But I try my damnedest to make the most of it.

3. I am very much in love with Dylan Moran…

4. …and Inge Beckmann from Lark.

5. I believe that dwelling in misery is downright dangerous.

6. I need at least 9 hours.

7. I strongly dislike Wings.

And the 15 blogs I award this badge to are:
(chosen from bloggers who recently commented on or followed my blog)

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A few random confessions from PostSecret, the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world.

These are all from Smitten Blog Designs. Excellent blogging resource! And the names are so pretty, twinkled, indian summer, sweet water…

I’m still in love with the color blue, and while browsing I came across this excellent blog: House of Turquoise. The entire blog is committed to collecting inspiring pictures all about the color turquoise. I got lost for hours.

Here are some inspiring images I like:

Express Mom, one of my very first readers, presented me with this award. She is such a cool lady, and her blog has a profound and honest feel to it, she writes about the Buddhist journey from a very fresh perspective.

This is the lovely paragraph she wrote about my blog: “This blog is inspiring! She does not waste time with long rambling posts, but whatever she has to say is worth listening to. AND she is only 23! In addition, she often creates little crafts for you to print out and enjoy. How thoughtful is that? This is a lady with a beautiful aura that glows through cyberspace, all the way from South Africa to my computer here in Massachusetts. Certainly worth a daily visit!”

Thank you for making my day, I feel very proud that someone with such wisdom honored me in her space!

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