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Despite being an over-all pretty and inspiring site, A Creative Mint, has an added browsing bonus which I love, Posts by Color.





I love browsing someecards, their cards are free and incredibly funny. I also follow them on twitter and they never cease to amuse.

I bought this stunning blue bag for a real bargain next to the beach in Margate. I absolutely adore it!

I finally got some time to play with my new digital camera. This is the product of my first “photo shoot”, meet our Siamese fighter fish.

Just a note: He doesn’t live in a jar, he lives in a big bowl, he was just chilling in his holiday home while his bowl was being cleaned.

More blue inspiration, and better yet from a South African artist. Well… *cough* born in Russia *cough*… Vladimir Tretchikoff (1913 – 2006) is famous for his blue (and green) ladies, this one is my favorite:

I love this quote from fashion designer, Wayne Hemingway: “He achieved everything that Andy Warhol stated he wanted to do but could never achieve because of his coolness.” (Just Above The Mantelpiece) It might be a “developing” country thing, but this quote makes me feel so good! Especially since in the course my university presents in Visual Communication, when we discussed Pop art, we discussed Warhol. Why is that? So it’s great to see that people do recognize the contributions of South African artists, even if it has to come from abroad.

Further proof of my complaint is even documented on Wikipedia’s entry on Tretchikoff, “The South African National Gallery never acquired an original Tretchikoff because they did not “really regard Tretchikoff as a South African artist”. Wow… well done guys, somewhere an art director should be rotting with regret. A South African Picasso and we treated him like Van Gogh.

This picture is from Hemingway’s home:

I want one too…

I’m still in love with the color blue, and while browsing I came across this excellent blog: House of Turquoise. The entire blog is committed to collecting inspiring pictures all about the color turquoise. I got lost for hours.

Here are some inspiring images I like:

It’s officially winter, and it inspired me to make this memo card. Winter sometimes gets me down, I hope this brightens your day.

Download pdf: memo cards

Blue is currently the flavor of my month, and I adore this vintage blue background.
Download it (along with other pretty backgrounds) here.

Not the kind you might think.
These films have enchanting nuances of the colour blue. I make it my hobby to look out for blue movies. They cheer me up. If you know of any, please let me know.

My favorite, Fur:

The star studded Red:

The subtle Henry Poole is here:

The great Darjeeling Limited:

The Awesome Life Aquatic:

The funny Management:

The surprising Crazy on the Outside:

The cheerful Mamma Mia:

Download pdf: thank you

I have a lot to be thankful for, I have love, I have romance, I have true friendships and I have all the opportunities I could ask for. Thank you to all the beautiful people in my life!

*the font I used was Angel Tears by Bill Argel, and the font is not free for commercial use, so by default neither is my card. But give it away for free, it feels better anyway.

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