I'm on your right, the bride's in the middle and the lovely Talia to her right.

My best friend and soul sister surprised me and two other friends with a champagne breakfast and an invitation to be one of her bride’s maids last weekend. When I stopped crying and tearfully agreed I realized that for the first time I understood why people get emotional at weddings.
Being an only child I care for this girl as if she were my only family and it truly is a thing of beauty to know that she is promising her entire future to a person whom I trust will devote his to her happiness.

Apart from all the sentimentality we also had a rocking time! It truly felt like a passage from a romantic comedy. A young bride and her confidants laughing and playing as she enthusiastically showed us the venue she chose.

I am sure that being this bride’s maid will be another unlikely adventure that I can’t help but enjoy!