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“…optimism is not only false but also a pernicious doctrine, for it presents life as a desirable state and man’s happiness as its aim and object. Starting from this, everyone then believes he has the most legitimate claim to happiness and enjoyment. If, as usually happens, these do not fall to his lot, he believes that he suffers an injustice, in fact that he misses the whole point of his existence; whereas it is far more correct to regard work, privation, misery, and suffering, crowned by death, as the aim and object of our life (as is done by Brahmanism and Buddhism and also the genuine Christianity)…”

-Schopenhauer, On vanity and the suffering of life.


Express Mom, one of my very first readers, presented me with this award. She is such a cool lady, and her blog has a profound and honest feel to it, she writes about the Buddhist journey from a very fresh perspective.

This is the lovely paragraph she wrote about my blog: “This blog is inspiring! She does not waste time with long rambling posts, but whatever she has to say is worth listening to. AND she is only 23! In addition, she often creates little crafts for you to print out and enjoy. How thoughtful is that? This is a lady with a beautiful aura that glows through cyberspace, all the way from South Africa to my computer here in Massachusetts. Certainly worth a daily visit!”

Thank you for making my day, I feel very proud that someone with such wisdom honored me in her space!


Entrance gates.

The statue has a loose round rock in its mouth. Quite incredible when one wonders how they got it in there!

Entrance gates.

We decided to take a trip to the big buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit.  The atmosphere is lovely, so calm and tranquil.

Until one notices the developments happening on the once open land that surround the temple.  Developers are turning the surrounds into some cultural retreat for wealthy tourists, which in my mind goes against the entire spirit of the place.

But we had an enlightening experience none the less!

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