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The illustrator, photographer and designer, Tabitha Emma, offers free monthly desktop designs. She also authors a very pretty blog that she keeps stocked with inspiring images and interesting sites. View her full portfolio here.

Here are some of her previous desktop designs:

It’s time for a fresh new calendar. I make a ritual out of making my own calendars, and for me it is process where I think about the days to come and visualize all the good vibes I want to feel every one of those days.

I also like to know my schedule at a glance, since I struggle to stay organized, I try to sort out all those irritating admin bugs at once.
Another perk is always having something to look forward to. I underline, highlight, encircle and bedazzle important and fun dates so I always know where they are and I always immediately know the next date to be excited about when one has passed.

So here’s a cute calendar you can print and make at home while contemplating your year ahead.

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