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Despite being an over-all pretty and inspiring site, A Creative Mint, has an added browsing bonus which I love, Posts by Color.





Not the kind you might think.
These films have enchanting nuances of the colour blue. I make it my hobby to look out for blue movies. They cheer me up. If you know of any, please let me know.

My favorite, Fur:

The star studded Red:

The subtle Henry Poole is here:

The great Darjeeling Limited:

The Awesome Life Aquatic:

The funny Management:

The surprising Crazy on the Outside:

The cheerful Mamma Mia:

I am truly blessed with friends that explore and share what they find. One such friend (and soon-to-be-business-partner, but more about that on a later date) told me about this inspirational website.

Colourlovers is a great resource if you’re looking for inspiration for any project. They track current trends from magazine covers, websites to fashion trends and wedding invites and present palettes associated with the relevant concepts.

Here are some of the images the palettes are based on:

I love the palettes but the site also offers patterns, pattern templates and colours.
It’s just really cool.

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