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I like the colors! Download here.

Images by Krista Palmu from Finland. Her blog, JoyHey, is a delight in candy colors, I love browsing through her soft images and well written posts. Visit her official site here.

This is probably one of the coolest projects I have ever seen. It looks too easy… I tip my hat to unsimpleliving.
Here are the photo’s of how they did it, for full instructions click here.

Jessica Swift is an inspiring illustrator, pattern designer, blogger, portrait artist, and animator. Above I have posted some of her paintings, but her website boasts large galleries full of gorgeous images. Gorgeous images which she also makes into gorgeous products, pretty little notebooks and printable pdf kits. Which are available for purchase at her online shop or at etsy.

I also follow her on twitter and enjoy her bright outlook and creative philosophy.

Download pdf: name tags.

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