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This is probably one of the coolest projects I have ever seen. It looks too easy… I tip my hat to unsimpleliving.
Here are the photo’s of how they did it, for full instructions click here.

I am truly blessed with friends that explore and share what they find. One such friend (and soon-to-be-business-partner, but more about that on a later date) told me about this inspirational website.

Colourlovers is a great resource if you’re looking for inspiration for any project. They track current trends from magazine covers, websites to fashion trends and wedding invites and present palettes associated with the relevant concepts.

Here are some of the images the palettes are based on:

I love the palettes but the site also offers patterns, pattern templates and colours.
It’s just really cool.

I practically jiggled with excitement when I saw these cute little things! Readymech presents an entire collection of characters that you can print and fold to life. It only take 15 minutes to fold one of these toys, they are entirely free and they look SO pretty!
This little pink geisha is my favorite, but it was a difficult choice.

finished doll


I made these cute little dolls a while ago and I use them as cards, bookmarks or little gifts.
They are so easy to make, all you need is:

A variety of different coloured and patterned paper.
Some ribbon.

Print out the template and cut the shapes from your cardboard. Paste them all together as directed and presto!

I feel I should add a tiny disclaimer, this is the first template I’ve made so please let me know if there are any difficulties or mistakes? Thank you!

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