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find these very cute wallpapers at Vlad Studio.

I especially like these two wallpapers with two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite movies.

I was so excited when I found these! I’m a HUGE Betty fan, and have you spotted Felix? So cool…
Download here.

So cute! And clean. Design could certainly be used for more than just business cards. Download file here.

Some sweet things I found on weheartit to day:

View my weheartit collection.

I’m still drunk on spring and these pieces by, Kristiana Parn, with the bunnies, blossoms and blue skies, simply smell of the fresh lovely springyness.

Wood panels from the fantastic Brandi Milne. Her website has a very large gallery to browse through. And if you go through enough you’ll start to construct stories and mythologies for her fluid and vibrant worlds and characters. (Well, I did.) Her blog also showcases inspiring photos as well as illustrations.

I just adore these girls by Kate Lightfoot. Since I especially enjoy drawing women too, I really appreciate the girly quality of her work. To quote the artist: “I draw flirty, quirky girls. I love their curves, their huge eyes and big hair. I simply can’t draw boys – I always want to brighten their skin tones and exaggerate their features until they wind up looking like drag queens!” View her gallery here.

Saw this slogan in a magazine a few years ago, never forgot it. So I drew it on my blackboard and I love looking at it in the mornings when I wake up.

Download bunny hunt cards pdf.

Facilitate an adventure this easter.

To download this really cute font go here. It even has a good philosophy behind it!

FontSpace is an excellent resource for free fonts. You can find fonts for personal and commercial use, and the site is really easy to browse.

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