Today my boyfriend and I have been dating for one year. Today a year ago he swept me off my feet in the most amazing way. When I met Willem I was dating someone else, but as corny as it sounds I fell in love as soon as I first saw him. I found some courage somewhere and went to speak to him and he invited me to paint with him on Friday nights. ūüėÄ Of course I went and loved every single moment of being around him….but I was dating another great guy, whom I didn’t want to hurt. I opened up and told Willem I was falling in love with him and he said he felt the same way. So I decided to break the news to my current boyfriend, and Willem agreed he would give me some space to sort all that out. Willem was also finishing his Paramedic course and decided to focus on his studies for the remaining few weeks. We arranged a date, and we would see each other again as boyfriend and girlfriend on the 20th of October.

I had stayed home that entire morning trying on and deciding against my entire wardrobe. And finally around sunset he phoned to say he had arrived at my front gate. I ran to invite him in, but as I approached the car I was stunned by the most romantic scene. He had parked his car on the sidewalk under the Jakaranda trees, their purple blossoms floating down around him. Complementing the purple dress I decided on. I could hear one of my favorite songs drifting from the car radio. And he stood ever so suavely leaning against the passenger side and next to him on the roof of the car he had lit a candle. We kissed without saying hello, and he hasn’t left my apartment yet.

Still after an entire year I still love all the little things about him. I love that he laughs and dances in his sleep, and that he makes the best toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches in the world. I love the way his guitar looks in my flat and the way he looks when he plays it. I love that we create time to be creative together and that we both love spinach and feta pies. I even love that we will still blow off our friends just to lie in bed and watch movies together.
Thank you, my little-tall house gnome, for the cuddling, the kisses and especially for all the inspiration.