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Ever consider starting a newsletter? Maybe to keep readers up to date who aren’t able to read every post, but who would still like to know what’s new at a glance. Or just update your current newsletter? It’s a new year, why not step things up a bit?

Download retro newsletter template here.

Download hand-crafted newsletter template here.

Download eco newsletter template here.

Download brace newsletter template here.

Download modern newsletter template here.

Download the brush used to make this cloudy sky from brushlovers, excellent resource for photoshop freebies.

By Krista Palmu. Her blog, JoyHey, has photos, designs and interviews with inspirational people. Visit her official site here.

Download this happy leafy vector from Wow Vectors for free.

I discovered this fun, blue and bubbly texture here, it was designed by Rich Hemsley.

For printable nouveau images go here.

Download free smoke photoshop brush here from the very cool design resource colorburned.

“The work to come, for we philosophers-to-come, lies in describing what will transpire globally in terms of individuation, whether this will be the individuation of geometry, the individuation of art, the individuation of physics, the individuation of the living, the individuation of nations, technological individuation, or psychical individuation in the Freudian sense.”

– Stiegler, The Magic Skin

Learn how to make this ribbon in Photoshop on 640pixels.

Download these characters here. They’re free, and I like their style!

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