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find these very cute wallpapers at Vlad Studio.

I especially like these two wallpapers with two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite movies.

The illustrator, photographer and designer, Tabitha Emma, offers free monthly desktop designs. She also authors a very pretty blog that she keeps stocked with inspiring images and interesting sites. View her full portfolio here.

Here are some of her previous desktop designs:

I discovered a handy solution to a nasty mug stain on my black desktop. A few months ago I painted a chalk board for my kitchen, and using the paint left over I painted myself a notepad!

You need:
Black board paint (I used Plascon School Board Paint)
Masking tape
Chalk (for writing)

Simply mask out the area you wish to paint.
I chose an A4 sized spot that conveniently covered the stain which was right next to my laptop.
Paint and wait for it to dry completely before applying a second coat.
Wait until completely dry before drawing.

This project is so easy and I actually use my little note board regularly! And when I’m not using it, it blends into my desktop so elegantly.

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