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We went to watch The B(l)and rehearse last week Friday, I expected a few guys drinking on amps. But when we pulled up to the very suburban house I could hear the music playing from the street. It could not have been more rock โ€˜n roll, they practiced in an empty double garage that faced the open road. The door seemed to open to a world of glowy warmth, I thought of Scott Pilgrim vs. The world. I knew they were good so I ainโ€™t gonna lie and say I was surprised, but, I got very excited when they started playing a cover of Florence and The Machineโ€™s Cosmic Love. Canโ€™t wait for them to finish and start performing! The band consists of two brothers, a cousin and a good friend. They are possibly the funniest guys you will ever meet. I was also fortunate enough to party with them when we went to see the incredible LARK, at Arcade Empire on Thursday. I had to walk away from the conversation on many an occasion just to keep from wetting myself.


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