A very close friend of mine recently moved to Cape Town, and it broke my heart. Not only has she been an inspiring friend, she has been my mother, my sister, my therapist and most of all my comfort. (I’ve blogged about her before: Some women simply rock)
Before she left she gave me her camera….I know….amazing, right?

Not only did she give me a camera but she gave me this camera, the Canon AE-1. And it wasn’t broken, or neglected, it was just perfect. I own a normal digital camera, but somehow I never got that excited about it. But now I take my Canon with me everywhere. And I’ll be posting the photo’s I took with it. (It might take a while though, since the photos have to be developed, and not simply downloaded.) The giddy excitement of developing a film is truly unique, there is no little screen on the back of my camera, so I’ve forgotten about half of the things I’ve taken pictures of! It’s going to be like opening a trunk of treasures!