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I love Wes Anderson films, especially the colors. I was lucky enough to find Paper Sparrow, where the author, Andrea, posted this Life Aquatic shadow box.

She also made a Darjeeling Limited train case.

– a line from the film Waking Life

I need some help remembering a children’s film from my youth. I have tried every search I can think of to find it but what I can remember seems to be too vague to yield any results. The story revolves around a boy and a girl who’s humpty-dumpty-like soft toy gets kidnapped by a menacing character, who is believed to stay in the furnace in the basement, called Mister Whobody. They walk around the city (I suspect New York, but I’m not sure) dragging a little red wagon on which Egg sits and rhymes from which he is snatched. I think it was made and released during the 1980’s but it could be the early 1990’s.

What made this show so memorable is the musical numbers, the first is when the boy brushes his teeth, but the best one is at breakfast when hands appear from the yellow checkered table cloth and gobble up the children’s pancakes before they can have any. The rhyme that is used in this animated performance is Betty Botter Bought Some Butter:

Betty Botter bought some butter,
“But,” she said, “this butter’s bitter;
If I put it in my batter,
It will make my batter bitter;
But a bit of better butter,
Better than the bitter butter
Will but make my bitter batter better.”
So she bought a bit of better butter,
Better than the bitter butter,
and made her bitter batter better.

The film is not a drawn animation, real actors play the roles and I think the songs are done using clay animation. I have no idea how the story ends, I can just remember Egg falls in a few puddles and comes home very dirty and the children overcome their fear of the basement. If anyone knows or remembers anything useful, I would really appreciate it!

In honor of my search I am posting this empty red wagon vector (free for commercial use) which can be found here.

This week I watched a film that gave me such hope I had to share it! The Yes Men Fix The World is a film about two of the bravest men I have ever seen. Not only was it a good film that both my boyfriend and I enjoyed, it also restored my faith in the dream of changing the world. Often when I speak about my personal beliefs (vegetarianism, global warming etc.) among my friends; they’ll snicker at me, and I can hear them thinking that one person cannot possibly hope to help. But this film proves them wrong! These two men are doing the good work, and spreading the right message, and I commend them for it! I also wish them the best of luck!

The video I’m posting today is an extract from the film where they blanket New York with a fake New York Times which prints the kind of news we all wish were headlines. I think this is such a positive form of activism which affirms humanity and the worth of every single individual.
The film just came out to rent in South Africa, and it is the best R25 you’ll spend all week.

And if you’re moved by their movement and want to start moving with them, you can sign up here.

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