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Art Wall is a virtual art showcase, an online display page and market place. I really enjoy the interface, which is laid out in rooms and designed by Jessica Swift, one of my favorite bloggers.

A few random confessions from PostSecret, the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world.

From Lost in the forest. Indie blog, with illustrations, photos and fashion inspiration.

Camilla Engman

Wood panels from the fantastic Brandi Milne. Her website has a very large gallery to browse through. And if you go through enough you’ll start to construct stories and mythologies for her fluid and vibrant worlds and characters. (Well, I did.) Her blog also showcases inspiring photos as well as illustrations.

I strongly agree with the creative philosophy of Helen Dardik, and her work shows the benefits of her beliefs. Being creative is as necessary to a happy existence as sunshine. Her illustrations and patterns are vibrant, bright and stylish. She has a huge portfolio of work, she authors an innovative blog (orange you lucky!) and she even designs toys!

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