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Found an inspiring artist amongst the wordpress blogs, Making Strangers, by Heidi Burton. She makes these beautiful journals, I badly want to add one to my collection.

Download pdf for bookmark.

A little over a year ago I met a friend through a friend at a random event, and this turned out to be one of the greatest blessings to grace my life. Chantelle became a well of wisdom and inspiration to me. She picked me up each time I phoned her with a broken heart and she spoiled me with delicious tofu sundays.

She also helped me with the lifestyle adjustment when I decided to become a vegetarian. Besides being an awesome academic, a yoga instructor, a composer, an artist and a rocking role model she also advocates a vegan lifestyle. (She authors the recipes I include in my links.) Chantelle recently moved to Cape Town to partner a beautiful vegan restaurant, Closer.

When she left I gave her the “give peace a chance” T-shirt she’s wearing in the photos as a going-away present. These shirts make great gifts, they are available at PQ outlets for only R20! I reckon that’s money very well spent!

Fairy lights bring me such happiness in my everyday life, I was even planning on writing an entire post on the many little ways in which they make a simple day sparkle. Although I accept that I am easily delighted, they really do lend a special atmosphere to any space.

However my boyfriend showed me a website this afternoon with a product that manages to surpass the humble and versatile fairy light. These amazing new lights replicate the movement of fire flies! What really sets them apart though is that they are solar powered!
Add them to your wish list:

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