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Here are some chocolate (or gift) boxes for Valentines day.
Each box says “I love you” in Hindi, and in Hindi one would say it one way to a boy and another to a girl.
Download the box for him. (as seen in picture above)
And for her. (with pink and correct text)

I usually make a big fuss over wrapping, I love wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts. Good packaging can feel like part of the present.
For those of you who, like me, like getting your Christmas shopping done early, I made this gift box to help you get the wrapping over with just as soon.

*I apologise for the mistakes on the download file, I forgot to convert the text to curves! But it’s fixed now, and it’s not an A2 anymore, since it was too big and it took a long time to open.

Pdf download: xmas box

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