As I’ve posted before my best friend’s getting married, and I’m one of her bridesmaids. As bridesmaids our duties include planning the kitchen tea and the bachelorette. We decided on a sailor theme, and called the night a nautigirl adventure, a word play on nautical. We dressed the bride up in bows and stockings (she’s the beautiful blond in the middle) and all three of the maids dressed up as well. I was very proud of my outfit, which my mom made! (I’m the brunette in the white cardigan, navy tights and red heels.) My mom is so talented! And she made me a stunningly sexy outfit! (Thanx mom!)

We hired a partybus for the evening and drank chocolate vodka from the bottle on the way to the club. I must admit, I was a little nervous considering I don’t drink at all, and even when I used to I struggled to do it well. But then again I also don’t dance….

But somehow the magic of the night put a spell on me and I got a little carried away… *blush*
We had such a fun time, and all the girls looked so pretty!
I would like to thank the other bridesmaids for their planning and all their help, especially Talia. (who made everyone feel special with all her cool ideas and her huge contributions!) The photographers were awesome too, kudos to the ladies at PixelPixies!
I would also like to thank all the other girls who joined us, you were fabulous, I’m sure Mariska will never ever forget her hen night!