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Inspiring images from vol25 on Etsy.

Some sweet things I found on weheartit to day:

View my weheartit collection.

I just adore these girls by Kate Lightfoot. Since I especially enjoy drawing women too, I really appreciate the girly quality of her work. To quote the artist: “I draw flirty, quirky girls. I love their curves, their huge eyes and big hair. I simply can’t draw boys – I always want to brighten their skin tones and exaggerate their features until they wind up looking like drag queens!” View her gallery here.

I strongly agree with the creative philosophy of Helen Dardik, and her work shows the benefits of her beliefs. Being creative is as necessary to a happy existence as sunshine. Her illustrations and patterns are vibrant, bright and stylish. She has a huge portfolio of work, she authors an innovative blog (orange you lucky!) and she even designs toys!

My attempt at food photography, I took these with my Samsung ST600, and I think they came out quite well? Critique welcome.

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