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Download this happy leafy vector from Wow Vectors for free.

From The Tum Tum Tree.

“His face was like a law of nature – a thing one could not question, alter or implore.”

Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

From Lost in the forest. Indie blog, with illustrations, photos and fashion inspiration.

I’m still drunk on spring and these pieces by, Kristiana Parn, with the bunnies, blossoms and blue skies, simply smell of the fresh lovely springyness.

“And what would thinking be if it did not constantly confront chaos? Reason shows its true face only when it thunders in its crater.”

– Deleuze, What is Philosophy?

I really like the colors and the little bird. It brightened up my dreary, cold, winter morning, I miss spring…
Download it here.

“Everything acts according to its nature, and its acts as they respond to causes make this nature known. Everyman acts according to what he is, and the action, which is accordingly necessary in each case, is determined solely by the motives in the individual case.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer, in Freedom of the Will.

I’m all about making use of all the resources you can find, and as modern technological creatures we are really spoiled for choice. Although sifting through some low quality crud is inevitable, there are some sites that are truly committed to keeping us inspired.

Keep designing is a website that offers free vectors and design resources for personal and commercial use.
You can download this beautiful bonsai vector here.

We stopped for a lunch of croissants at a little bridge.

Interesting and pretty moss patterns.

Pretty moss patterns.

My love walking the path ahead of me.

After the temple we took a short hike through a local nature reserve.  It was a very fitting end to a tranquil day.  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to escape the suburban and urban dullness.  Pretoria (my country’s capital) is suprisingly littered with these hidden parks and reserves, what a blessing!

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