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From The Tum Tum Tree.

For large printable versions of these hippi designs go here.
I love the VW Bus!

I’ve wanted to write this post for so long, but the subject matter is so close to my heart I didn’t know how to do it justice. Writing about something that changed your life in such a personal way always sounds a bit like you’re advertising or testifying. I want to say things like: “DUDE….reaaallly, really!!!” And there really is no way to express in type how something touched you.

There is a film that changed my world view, it calmed the urgency of my questions about life and answered quite a few. One is a film made by people who had never made a movie before and this alone impressed me. One man had an idea and it grew to reach an audience that even includes me all the way in Africa!

In the movie they present a wide range of spiritual leaders and some normal folk with 20 questions such as: why is there suffering in the world, what is the meaning of life and what happens after you die? Christians, Buddhists and even atheists respond and the film makers make no judgement, they simply present the answers.

After watching it I felt very light and more to the point, enlightened. A Sufi mystic in the film says that what we are all so afraid of is only the simple process of life, and this especially struck me. The mystic goes on to explain why living in the present is so important, and although everyone says it and some even preach it, this was the first time it really hit home for me and I fully understood the concept.

I purchased the DVD within weeks, this was more than a year ago and I’m still showing it to anyone willing to sit down long enough. I strongly urge you; reader, stranger, friend, seeker, leader, adventurer, couch potato, who ever you are, to take the time to converse with this documentary. And I mean converse with it, be brave and enter into a dialectical debate with your beliefs.
If nothing else you will come out the other end at least refreshed and a little wiser.

A little over a year ago I met a friend through a friend at a random event, and this turned out to be one of the greatest blessings to grace my life. Chantelle became a well of wisdom and inspiration to me. She picked me up each time I phoned her with a broken heart and she spoiled me with delicious tofu sundays.

She also helped me with the lifestyle adjustment when I decided to become a vegetarian. Besides being an awesome academic, a yoga instructor, a composer, an artist and a rocking role model she also advocates a vegan lifestyle. (She authors the recipes I include in my links.) Chantelle recently moved to Cape Town to partner a beautiful vegan restaurant, Closer.

When she left I gave her the “give peace a chance” T-shirt she’s wearing in the photos as a going-away present. These shirts make great gifts, they are available at PQ outlets for only R20! I reckon that’s money very well spent!


Entrance gates.

The statue has a loose round rock in its mouth. Quite incredible when one wonders how they got it in there!

Entrance gates.

We decided to take a trip to the big buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit.  The atmosphere is lovely, so calm and tranquil.

Until one notices the developments happening on the once open land that surround the temple.  Developers are turning the surrounds into some cultural retreat for wealthy tourists, which in my mind goes against the entire spirit of the place.

But we had an enlightening experience none the less!

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