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A few random confessions from PostSecret, the largest advertisement-free Blog in the world.

From Lost in the forest. Indie blog, with illustrations, photos and fashion inspiration.

Kareena is a Sydney born, London based artist, designer and self-confessed daydreamer who collects fine bone china tea sets, but prefers to drink coffee.”


From, Making Strangers, by Heidi Burton.

I like it when students vandalize with purpose. I’m not religious or affiliated with any related cause, I just noticed this little post-script on a poster in the Humanities building on campus and thought it worth taking a photo of.


We went to watch The B(l)and rehearse last week Friday, I expected a few guys drinking on amps. But when we pulled up to the very suburban house I could hear the music playing from the street. It could not have been more rock ‘n roll, they practiced in an empty double garage that faced the open road. The door seemed to open to a world of glowy warmth, I thought of Scott Pilgrim vs. The world. I knew they were good so I ain’t gonna lie and say I was surprised, but, I got very excited when they started playing a cover of Florence and The Machine’s Cosmic Love. Can’t wait for them to finish and start performing! The band consists of two brothers, a cousin and a good friend. They are possibly the funniest guys you will ever meet. I was also fortunate enough to party with them when we went to see the incredible LARK, at Arcade Empire on Thursday. I had to walk away from the conversation on many an occasion just to keep from wetting myself.

Camilla Engman

I fell in love with Smile and wave, a blog filled with pretty things and useful ideas.

Some of Rachel Denbow‘s photos and illustrations.

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