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Perfect idea for Pretoria afternoons, Watermelon lemonade, from Sea Blanket.

You need: 2 lemons, 1 watermelon, a big pitcher and a can of lemonade and water.

“Begin by cutting up your watermelon into 2” chunks and tossing them into a blender. Add can of lemonade and water, then blend on the “puree” setting. After all is blended, pour into a pitcher and add 2 sliced lemons into the mix for aesthetic pleasure. Serve in cute little glasses or mason jars, even add sugar to the rims for an additional kick. (*this lemonade can also be made with 2 cups vodka or 2 cups gin for added fun!)”


We stopped for a lunch of croissants at a little bridge.

Interesting and pretty moss patterns.

Pretty moss patterns.

My love walking the path ahead of me.

After the temple we took a short hike through a local nature reserve.  It was a very fitting end to a tranquil day.  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to escape the suburban and urban dullness.  Pretoria (my country’s capital) is suprisingly littered with these hidden parks and reserves, what a blessing!

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