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Here are some chocolate (or gift) boxes for Valentines day.
Each box says “I love you” in Hindi, and in Hindi one would say it one way to a boy and another to a girl.
Download the box for him. (as seen in picture above)
And for her. (with pink and correct text)


I heard a very cool story on Qi, and it goes: Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes, sent cards to his friends saying “We are discovered, flee now” as a joke. And one of his friends really disappeared!

What a clever and funny idea, thought I.
So I made a card that you can download and print and send to your friends saying the same. See which of your friends is actually the secret member of a covert organization.

Download printable pdf here.

It’s time for a fresh new calendar. I make a ritual out of making my own calendars, and for me it is process where I think about the days to come and visualize all the good vibes I want to feel every one of those days.

I also like to know my schedule at a glance, since I struggle to stay organized, I try to sort out all those irritating admin bugs at once.
Another perk is always having something to look forward to. I underline, highlight, encircle and bedazzle important and fun dates so I always know where they are and I always immediately know the next date to be excited about when one has passed.

So here’s a cute calendar you can print and make at home while contemplating your year ahead.

-front of tags-

Download pdf of front and back: printable gift tags

I found this on Derren Brown’s blog.
And all I can say is WOW, I can’t wait!

“As Christmas fast approaches, millions will opt to spare themselves the crowded high street and instead settle down in front of the computer and do their shopping there. Yet buying online has always had one key disadvantage: you have to wait. Not only that, but the inability to touch a product, try it on, feel how heavy it is or do anything else you would do on your typical high street excursion prevents online shopping being the perfect experience. But technology is now coming online that could allow you to receive your goods straight away. As the cost of 3D printing hardware begins to drop, bespoke, printable products may be about to hit the market.

Freedom of Creation is a design and research company exploring the capabilities of what, in the industry, is known as rapid prototyping. Janne Kyttanen is the company’s founder and creative director. “Imagine the potential of this for the fashion industry,” he told Digital Planet on the BBC World Service. “I can measure your body, in 3D, and I can make you perfectly fitting garments in the future without any sewing and stitching, making the needle and the thread obsolete.” His company is now producing products for companies including Asics, Tommy Hilfiger and Hyundai.

Away from the fashion world, 3D printing has many applications for the developing world. The ability to produce specially designed objects from a computer offers exciting possibilities for making vital tools in poorer, hard to reach areas. One scheme that is looking to capitalise in the technology is RepRap, short for Replicating Rapid Prototyping, which offers a cheap way of replicating objects – including the printer itself. “It’s a 3D printer that prints out a kit of parts for another 3D printer,” explained Dr Adrian Bowyer from the University of Bath.”

I usually make a big fuss over wrapping, I love wrapping (and unwrapping) gifts. Good packaging can feel like part of the present.
For those of you who, like me, like getting your Christmas shopping done early, I made this gift box to help you get the wrapping over with just as soon.

*I apologise for the mistakes on the download file, I forgot to convert the text to curves! But it’s fixed now, and it’s not an A2 anymore, since it was too big and it took a long time to open.

Pdf download: xmas box

Download pdf: name tags.

Yesterday, I posted about Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, and I was so inspired I made some labels for your water bottles.
Now I can’t guarantee that they’ll work or change your water’s molecules, but at least they’ll look quite pretty.

So you can download your waterlabels and print them on sticker paper to stick onto the bottles. Or you can stick them on a clear bottle with the picture facing towards the water, and you should still be able to see the picture through the water. I use DC fix to stick things like these, however I wouldn’t recommend it, since it’s not entirely water tight.

my monster jar

I’ve been teaching myself to work with Corel X4, and this is my very first finished product. (In other words be gentle, I’m still learning, I know the design is basic.) The backgrounds I used for the postcards I got from the Design Inspiration website. I’d been experimenting with the ideas for these postcards for a while and I’d like to thank my friends and family who kindly smiled at the cut and pasted version! 🙂

The first postcard is called: mymonsterjar. You draw your personal or current monster (you know, that thing that nags at you or holds you back) in the jar, trapping it there FOREVER, and then you send it far away to a friend to neglect, torture or destroy.

The next postcard is mysecretsjar. Since postcards can be sent anonymously, you can send someone something you’ve always wanted to tell them without blushing.

And the last one, the brokenpromisesjar is aimed at the brokenhearted. If he moved in with her, took your only corkscrew and left his dirty dishes, this one’s for you.

I practically jiggled with excitement when I saw these cute little things! Readymech presents an entire collection of characters that you can print and fold to life. It only take 15 minutes to fold one of these toys, they are entirely free and they look SO pretty!
This little pink geisha is my favorite, but it was a difficult choice.

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