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I was picked up in one of these on my 21st, and I adored it! While searching the web for design resources I happened upon this classic vector, made me very nostalgic, download it here.

Download very cool business card from designmoo. Don’t know if Che would approve though…

A continuation of yesterday’s post celebrating spring and the artist Kristiana Parn.

I’m still drunk on spring and these pieces by, Kristiana Parn, with the bunnies, blossoms and blue skies, simply smell of the fresh lovely springyness.

Thanks to the Jones’s for our latest adventure. The Burlesque show was an experience that I wouldn’t have shared with anyone else but the five people around my table. Many adventures still await the six of us! We love you guys.

Despite being an over-all pretty and inspiring site, A Creative Mint, has an added browsing bonus which I love, Posts by Color.





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