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Ever consider starting a newsletter? Maybe to keep readers up to date who aren’t able to read every post, but who would still like to know what’s new at a glance. Or just update your current newsletter? It’s a new year, why not step things up a bit?

Download retro newsletter template here.

Download hand-crafted newsletter template here.

Download eco newsletter template here.

Download brace newsletter template here.

Download modern newsletter template here.

So cute! And clean. Design could certainly be used for more than just business cards. Download file here.

I fell in love with Smile and wave, a blog filled with pretty things and useful ideas.

Some of Rachel Denbow‘s photos and illustrations.

Wood panels from the fantastic Brandi Milne. Her website has a very large gallery to browse through. And if you go through enough you’ll start to construct stories and mythologies for her fluid and vibrant worlds and characters. (Well, I did.) Her blog also showcases inspiring photos as well as illustrations.

These are all from Smitten Blog Designs. Excellent blogging resource! And the names are so pretty, twinkled, indian summer, sweet water…

While scanning the drinks fridge at a filling station I discovered the coolest product! Frankie’s Olde Soft Drink Co. manufactures old timey sodas, flavours include: Cinnamon Cola (my favourite); Cloudy Lemonade; Root beer and the like. As a collector’s bonus each label is decorated with a different pretty vintage pin-up girl!
At first the drinks were only available in the Natal Midlands, but I am very pleased to report that I notice them in more and more fridges in Gauteng. According to their website: Dischem (which is located country wide) now stocks their products as well.

Don't these girls just make you smile and think of sunshine?

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