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Download from Designious. I like their oriental vectors, and posted another beautiful geisha of their’s a while ago.

The hats are my favorite 🙂 Download here.

I’ve improved a bit since my first try, I like this picture a lot. It reminds me of Waking Life. I took it about 4 years ago… or more, I can’t remember. In any case, the quality was horrible, but I liked the idea. I’m so glad I kept it, the edited version turned out better than I ever expected.

I like the colors! Download here.

I like the eclectic feel of these labels, they’re kinda like patches and picked up things. Download the vectors here.

Some very pretty free for personal use oriental designs available from tattoo4u.

So true. Vector badge free to download here.

Download this beautiful geisha vector here.

Narrowboat, seamless background swatches.

From Mels Brushes, great design resource for free stock vectors, brushes, patterns, projects, textures and general inspiration.

In the spirit of my blog title I thought I would post this vector just because it would look so cool in a jar.

Download it here.

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