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I was stuck in doors this past sunny Saturday working on two assignments, which weren’t for any of my subjects (a paradox I know, but another post altogether).
I was in a very bad mood.
So much so that I felt the need to share my sentiments in a random sms to a friend. He responded by sending me a link to this video.
It helped a lot!


There is a bona-fide goldmine of knowledge and wisdom, and to reach it all you have to do is simply search TED talks on Youtube. Whether you are interested in science; design; art; music; architecture; technology or religion, you WILL learn something! TED talks is an event sponsored by BMW that shares ideas worth spreading. Speakers range from Richard Dawkins to Tony Robins and Jamie Oliver.

This specific talk by Vik Muniz is on creativity and its inspirational value is off the charts! My favorite quote is: “creativity is how we cope with creation.” Wow.

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