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I know some talented people

Stay up to date on happenings in SA (I even write a review or 2 from time to time, I love working with this guy, he’s going places)

graphic designer, photographer, artist

Ernst van der Merwe
rockstar designer

some seriously cool shit

Kyle Sparks
very tidy branding and layout design

The B(l)and
going places

most awesome chick, too clever

intimidatingly intelligent, but wears purple skinny jeans

Shannon Taylor Animation
very talented young artist

Inspiring places

Neil Krug
excellent photographer

Kerri Smith
guerilla artist and explorer of the world

Rudi-Jan Faber
one of my personal favorite illustrators

Jessica Swift
inspiring artist and designer

How About Orange
blog authored by Jessica Jones, graphic and textile designer

Super Mundane
typographer, writer, art director, illustrator, designer

One Lucky Helen
pattern designer, illustrator and toy designer

A Creative Mint
beautiful site full of color inspiration, interior designs, projects and photographs

Lilla Rogers
an international illustration agency with a very fun website

House of Turquoise
so many pretty pictures


World 2 Come
inspiring blog that explores consciousness

Cafe Philos
one of my personal favorites

Not a PhD thesis
the author and I differ on many points, but he encourages debate (even on my blog!) and I’ve come to consider him a friend

Just for fun

Magical musical squares
kept me busy quite a while

hilarious free ecards

go dancing with the skeletons in other people’s closets

Wise Idea
always remember, life lessons with lucidity