A Freshly Pressed post about happy meals being banned in San Fransisco has me so excited! They banned the kids meal on the premise that children should not be rewarded with toys for unhealthy food. I completely agree and applaud the decision, and I hope to see the idea spread until it reaches Pretoria. Not only is a bad decision instantly rewarded, children are lured and seduced to make that decision by advertisements and promotions of the current collectible set of toys. Which are regularly changed so if your child wants the complete set of a certain theme you’re gonna be eating a lot of McDonalds in a short period.

If the company manages to keep the world from following in San Francisco’s footsteps, I hope at least that parents will recognize the healthy choice and decide to act on their own. And by healthy choice I mean both physically and psychologically. It is not healthy to teach a child that happiness and reward comes with a coke and fries. It is no wonder then that depressed and unsatisfied adolescents and adults turn to fast- and fatty foods for comfort.