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Download this happy leafy vector from Wow Vectors for free.

A continuation of yesterday’s post celebrating spring and the artist Kristiana Parn.

I’m still drunk on spring and these pieces by, Kristiana Parn, with the bunnies, blossoms and blue skies, simply smell of the fresh lovely springyness.

Free paper doll to print and play with.

Perfect idea for Pretoria afternoons, Watermelon lemonade, from Sea Blanket.

You need: 2 lemons, 1 watermelon, a big pitcher and a can of lemonade and water.

“Begin by cutting up your watermelon into 2” chunks and tossing them into a blender. Add can of lemonade and water, then blend on the “puree” setting. After all is blended, pour into a pitcher and add 2 sliced lemons into the mix for aesthetic pleasure. Serve in cute little glasses or mason jars, even add sugar to the rims for an additional kick. (*this lemonade can also be made with 2 cups vodka or 2 cups gin for added fun!)”

The arrival of Spring is by far my favorite feeling and to celebrate I wrote my first haiku!

Fresh grass is growing
new green shoots bursting through and
we’re all smiling more

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