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I was picked up in one of these on my 21st, and I adored it! While searching the web for design resources I happened upon this classic vector, made me very nostalgic, download it here.

I’ve improved a bit since my first try, I like this picture a lot. It reminds me of Waking Life. I took it about 4 years ago… or more, I can’t remember. In any case, the quality was horrible, but I liked the idea. I’m so glad I kept it, the edited version turned out better than I ever expected.

I like the eclectic feel of these labels, they’re kinda like patches and picked up things. Download the vectors here.

For large printable versions of these hippi designs go here.
I love the VW Bus!

I was so excited when I found these! I’m a HUGE Betty fan, and have you spotted Felix? So cool…
Download here.

I took this photo at Capitol Theatre, a grand condemned cinema in Pretoria city. It’s one of my very favorite places and very few people know of it. This small space is the old projection room, there is still film lying on the floor and all the old switches, power boxes and meters remain. I especially enjoy the peeling paint… There are rumours of a dressing room that still has costumes, but I haven’t found it yet. I’m not superstitious but the place is certainly spooky, in that very seductive kind of way.

It’s also the very first picture I edited in Photoshop. I’ve moved on from CorelDraw and Photopaint to Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Although I must admit I thought after all the hype I’d enjoy Adobe more, or that it would be easier… but honestly I think it’s over-complicated and I definitely prefer Corel. But maybe I still have a lot to learn, we’ll see how it progresses. I have to hand in my Adobe exam project next month, it’s my very last exam for this year. Yay for me!

So cute! And clean. Design could certainly be used for more than just business cards. Download file here.

Images by Krista Palmu from Finland. Her blog, JoyHey, is a delight in candy colors, I love browsing through her soft images and well written posts. Visit her official site here.

By Jesse Morrow, Found on Print Shop.

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